Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Dreams Upon The Stars"

DAY #1

     Hey Mom I had another dream again.Well, great honey I have to go to work.Now love you honey see you when I get home. "Bye Mom, Love you Too."


Ugh I don't want to be in School anymore.All of these Homework,Friends,Teachers, and ugh they just dont work out.I just wish how life with my friends go  according to my'n.Myn is well you know ugh, I wana know how there life is.I bet it is Peaceful,No Stress,Great friends, and you know Great Teachers."Hey Bella" I said. "Oh Hey Mazy."
 "I heared you were having a party Bella." "Yea its a party alright.You wan't to come ?"
 "Yea, Sure I guess.I havent realy been to a party before.Thanks for the invite."